Are you a self-improvement junkie?

    Are you bombarded with webinars and self-improvement programs? Do you find yourself succumbing to their enticing promises? If so, you may be a self-improvement junkie. Leary Gates shares his tips for dealing with this affliction.

      Three dream-chasing myths

      When thinking about your bold idea, don't ask what you'd do if money were no object. Leary Gates thinks that's a stupid question built on three dream-chasing myths in our culture.

        Surrender the pen

        Taylor Smith, journalist, story-teller, and ministry leader to refugees reminds us to surrender down the pen to a far better Author.

          The cost of freedom

          John Collier recounts how his homecoming--to a place of childhood trauma and pain--caused him to face his fear and woundings and find a freedom that was worth the cost.

            Courage: Reborn.

            Amanda Carroll reminds us that every obstacle, pain, failure and loss are opportunities for our God-given gift of courage, strength, and peace to be reborn.

              Nothing heals in thin air

              Kevin DeVries, explorer and lead mountaineer for the award-winning movie, Finding Noah, shares a lesson from the mountain about how to handle the descents in our own lives.

                Lessons from the lavender hair

                Victoria Jackson, author, ukulele player, and former Saturday Night Live comedian, shares what she learned about living with the knowledge that she had cancer and that it may return. It's like living with lavender hair; everything is the same yet different.

                  You were made to soar

                  Zoro, world-renowned drummer, inspirational speaker and award winning author reminds us how we can make a positive contribution to our world through the limitless gifts and talents God has deposited in each of us.

                    Why God isn’t afraid of your doubts

                    Darren Wilson, filmmaker and author, challenges our unspoken assumption that if God is for us, then things should always go well for us. That notion flies in the face of Jesus telling his disciples, His best friends mind you, that “in this world you will have trouble." Here's why God is not afraid of our doubts.

                      The legacy of prayer

                      Movie producer Stephen Kendrick reminds us of the powerful legacy of prayer. "There is no greater privilege for anyone than being able to personally talk with and speak into the ears of Almighty God."