If you haven’t had a chance to listen to this week’s BoldIdea podcast episode, we’re going to spoil it for you here: this week is our final episode, at least for now. 

When we finished recording our 103rd episode on when it might be time to say goodbye to a bold idea, Armin and I got to thinking: was it time to say goodbye to ours? 

After some thoughtful discussions together and prayer, we decided it was. 

In episode 103, we outlined four reasons it might be time to say goodbye to a bold idea, and then we realized that’s exactly where we were at with the BoldIdea podcast, too. 

We’ve lost a bit of the energy that was behind the BoldIdea podcast, but more so we are both finding ourselves in a season of life that demands us to peel away some outer layers in order to focus in on what needs to be a priority right now. 

Armin needs to turn his focus to his ministry, his business, and to helping his wife spend some time on her own business (as well as raise their two young daughters!). And I’m at a place in the business I co-own with my son where I need to have a bit more tunnel vision in that direction as it grows. 

So we’re saying goodbye (for now) in episode 105

Thank you for sharing your bold ideas with us for more than two years now. We have loved hearing about every single one of them. Knowing that God was using our small podcast to reach people where they were and inspire them to put their faith to work through their own bold ideas has been a tremendous honor for all 105 episodes. 

Thank you for coming on this journey with us. We hope and pray that you carry on in your bold ideas as we turn to follow our own. 

Thank you,

Leary (& Armin)