This is a guest post from Zoro the Drummer, one of the top rhythm and blues drummer in the world. In episode 35 of the BoldIdea podcast, Zoro talked about being unbeatable.

We all have a universal purpose—to know and love God intimately, walk in His ways, and make a positive contribution to our world through the limitless gifts and talents He has deposited in each of us.

Thomas Edison said and I agree: “If we all did the things we are capable of doing we would literally astound ourselves.” For those seeking to reach their full potential there is no off-ramp. However, the pursuit of this will cost you everything you have. But the cost of indifference will be unbearable. That cost is paid by a life of insignificance and regret. To be all God created you to be requires desire, vision, courage, faith and intense labor—equally demanding your patience, persistence, and perseverance. To stay the course you must begin to see yourself as God sees you—with no limits.

Our gifts and talents are the conduits God will use for us to impact this world. Through obedience and discipline we can refine those talents to bring them to the world as an instrument in His hands.

God’s earnest desires for us are written in code and found in the pages of our innermost being. We’re given the task of deciphering that code. My burning desire is to crack that code and positively impact as many lives as humanly possible with the lifespan, abilities, and platform I’m given. This is God’s will for all of us.

My global adventures have taken me from the inner city ghettos where my life started, to playing the most famous stages in the world with some of the most popular recording artists of our time. All of which has allowed me to mingle with the rich and famous in many professions. I’ve traveled on the world’s most expensive privately owned yacht, yet I chose to minister in the poorest jungles of Ghana, Africa, and to the incarcerated inmates at the infamous San Quentin prison. Through all of those vastly unique and varied experiences I’ve discovered there are only two ways to live life.

You either live a life of self or service. If you choose to serve, you will discover a life of profound meaning and significance. If you live a life of self, you will be met with grave disappointment and dissatisfaction because everything that God created finds it’s identity in serving, and God created us to serve and to soar. When we’re not serving or soaring we cease to be fulfilled inwardly because to live is to serve and to soar. Our talents are merely the backdrop to the specific arena we will serve and soar in, which gives us access to specific people God has ordained for us to impact with his love.

If you are willing to follow God’s call you can be confident of soaring to unimaginable heights. In doing so, you’ll become an instrument of inspiration to all who come across your path and grant to others the permission to be all God called them to be!