This is a guest post from Amanda Carroll, broadcaster and host of the Amanda Carroll Show. In episode 41 of the BoldIdea podcast, she talked about the single mom life.

Courage isn’t something you inherit, you aren’t equipped with it through your DNA. Courage is a choice, and if you choose it repeatedly it becomes a habit. Courage is reborn daily. You just must figure out how it is birthed within you.

Maybe it’s after a long run, lifting weights at the gym, or serving those in need. Maybe you find courage over a cup of coffee in the morning with your bible, your pen, and your journal. That’s where I find it, well and from lifting heavy things at the gym too.

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear. my courage is reborn.” —Anne Frank

This morning, I found courage through reading about a horrible storm. It kept the man known as the greatest warrior and King in the Bible, David, up all night. He was also a man that dealt with a lot of fear. Funny how those two things go together: fear and courage.Get ready to put on your crown of courage with me as we unwrap the gift of Psalm 29. It’s titled “The Lord of the Thunderstorm.” The thunder from the great storm made David think of the voice of the Lord. He wrote,

“The voice of the Lord is upon the waters…
The voice of the Lord is powerful…
The voice of the Lord is full of majesty…
The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars…
The voice of the Lord divides the flames of fire…
The voice of the Lord shakes the wilderness…”

Then the gem here is the end. After the storm blows through, the earth settles, the air is crisp and quiet, he wrote:

“The Lord will give strength to you, the Lord will bless you with PEACE.” -Psalm 29:11

Yes!!! I imagine he was up all night worrying about his men, his property, and his family in this storm, yet found courage when everything turned out okay. Just a little storm. Funny how a storm and your survival of it is a reminder that God will protect you. When it turns out okay, you birth the courage to face the next one.

Oh, there are so many stormy days of life, but there are sunny days too! The secret to surviving those stormy days is to remember that last line: “The Lord will give strength to you, the Lord will bless you with PEACE.”

Peace is a gift to you. The peace that God offers you daily is the freedom from disturbance. He has given you the mental ability to be calm. Think serenity.

“After every storm, there’s always a rainbow.” Oh that’s such a cheesy line, but I love it so very much.

Dear one, remember these truths when you are facing a stormy day:

  • It will end.
  • It will birth courage.
  • It will strengthen you for the next one.

Just remember daily to find your thing that helps you unwrap the gift of peace from Jesus. Practice it. Make a daily habit of courage, and suddenly you will feel like every day is a sunny day.

I find it by reading the Bible, the “voice of God.” It’s the most powerful tool to face any storm…

Whatever bold idea you may be pursuing and no matter how turbulent the path of answering your call may be, just remember that courage is reborn daily. Every new storm, obstacle, pain, sacrifice, failure, loss and more are new opportunities for your God-given gift of courage, strength, and peace to be reborn.

I pray that the resurrected Christ is resurrecting you.