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Your Bold Idea Mid-Flight Checklist

On the podcast, we talked about when to say goodbye to an idea and how to say goodbye to an idea, but one thing I’ve found to be really helpful in deciding whether or not to continue to pursue a bold idea or not is a mid-flight assessment.

103 When to say goodbye to your bold idea

Sometimes, we have to say goodbye to a bold idea that we are pursuing. In this episode, Leary and Armin discuss four ways to know when to say goodbye to your bold idea and share their own experiences with learning to let go.

090 The hidden cost of an idea

Some of us are idea factories. We can’t stop having ideas. But with every idea comes a tax -- or two, or more -- and if we ignore that tax, we have to account for it later. And that usually comes at a pretty high price.

Three dream-chasing myths

When thinking about your bold idea, don't ask what you'd do if money were no object. Leary Gates thinks that's a stupid question built on three dream-chasing myths in our culture.

056 Chris Mefford on how to create a bold team

Can we create teams that help us reach our bold idea? Chris Mefford knows we can. Chris has taken departments that nobody wanted to work with and turned them into the departments that everyone wanted to be connected to. He talks with Leary and Armin about how radical transparency helped him get there.

035 Zoro the Drummer on being unbeatable

Zoro the Drummer wanted to be three things in life: a drummer, a speaker, and a preacher. Raised in Compton by a single mother, the odds were not in his favor. But God’s grace is more than we can imagine, and today Zoro is all three of these and much more. Zoro the Drummer talks with Leary and Armin about how having a vision at a young age made him unbeatable.

027 Chris Fabry on the reason for your bold idea

Chris Fabry is an award-winning author of more than 80 books and a Moody Radio talk show host. After an unexpected financial and physical setback, he and his family had to learn to walk in faith toward what God had for them next. He joins Leary and Armin to discuss how false humility can often keep Christians from following their bold idea, and what he thinks you should do instead.

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