Some of us are idea factories. We can’t stop having ideas. But with every idea comes a tax — or two, or more — and if we ignore that tax, we have to account for it later. And that usually comes at a pretty high price.

Leary and Armin discuss the ways in which ideas tax us, from external taxes like missing time with family and friends, to internal taxes like spending time wallowing in criticism rather than acting on praise. They share the taxes that haunt them personally, and share tips for how to reduce them in your own life and pursuit of a bold idea.


“If it’s an idea worth pursuing, it’s going to have some cost associated with it.” — Leary

“In order to pursue an idea, I have to figure out how much time I’m willing to give up on my business, my ministry, my wife, my kids, and my family.” — Armin

“It isn’t time you are managing, it’s priorities.” — Leary  

“Sometimes people are scared to find out that the thing they desire is not what they are called to. That’s a lot scarier prayer, because they are hoping God will align with their plan and not the other way around.” — Armin 

Action Steps:

  • Identify the one tax that haunts you most persistently. And then, ask yourself what’s the truth that you can say to that. Leary gets distracted by less important things. But he has the ability to choose and act on higher priorities. What are the actions you can do to remove that tax? Or even reduce it?
  • On a scale of 1-10, rate yourself: how would you rate your ability to manage that tax at the moment? Then, ask yourself to get to one point higher on the scale, not to a 10. Start fresh in the morning instead of at night to move from a 4 to a 5, for example.
  • Inside your head is a resistance-free zone. It’s once you start acting on it that you find the push back against your idea. If you’re meeting resistance, you’re taking action!

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