Can we create teams that help us reach our bold idea? Chris Mefford knows we can. Chris has taken departments that nobody wanted to work with and turned them into the departments that everyone wanted to be connected to. He credits radical transparency as the key to making bold teams happen.

Who is Chris Mefford? Chris Mefford is a business coach and the author of Hiring, Firing and Creating an Amazing Team Culture For Leaders in a Hurry. He has worked for Dave Ramsey, both as an event director and as a coach in the EntreLeadership program, and as senior vice president for Doctor Henry Cloud productions. He also served as the co-host of Dr. Cloud’s podcast, Leadership University. Currently, Chris is the Chief Marketing Officer for The Rock Chruch in San Diego, the 19th largets church in America. Chris received his MBA from University of Windsor in Canada, and now lives back in the states with his wife and family.  

Chris Mefford wants every employee to know that they can change the culture of their organization. He wants to help people love their jobs. And he wants leaders to be able to create bold teams that help reach goals through radical transparency.


“When I’m transparent, my team starts to become transparent.” — Chris

“Jesus walked with his disciples, he didn’t sit in the Upper Room and send them out.” — Chris

“I want you to be talented, fit with the culture, and have some of the same beliefs as I have. But the fourth component: do I like you and want to hang out with you? Because I might be spending the next 10 years with you.” — Chris

“Being friends with the people you work with can be a challenge, but it’s also awesome.” — Chris

“As we hire, we need to be looking for people who aren’t just talented, but passionate, someone who is equally excited about working on what you do, and someone you are interested in working alongside. That component is often overlooked.” — Chris

Action steps:

  • Whether we lead a team or are on a team, transparency can create radical change.
  • Admitting we have weakness isn’t a weakness. Recognizing this, sharing our weakness so that others can share their strength can create a team that will accomplish bold things.
  • Leaders are responsible to provide the resources so that our team can accomplish what they need to do. Sometimes, that resource is to have the right team.
  • Start with yourself. If you have the sense that something isn’t right about your team, look at yourself first.
  • The person that defines culture is the person leading it. There’s often a disconnect between the culture leaders are actually creating and the culture they think they are creating.
  • Does your team have core values that are specific to your team? If not, consider creating some that will help you lead your people in the right direction toward your Bold Idea.

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