Like most people, you are probably thinking about what you want to do in the New Year. Leary and Armin are, too. But this year they are asking: How can we live 2019 more courageously?

Leary and Armin discuss why goals fail (it’s a gut punch), and Leary shares three constraints that keep you from setting courageous goals for your new year. Their conversation will help you step outside your comfort zone and trust God with your goals in a way you haven’t trusted before. It might even help you set a goal around your bold idea for 2019. 


“We like pretty goals. They make us feel good.” — Armin

“There’s a perception that a bold idea has to be dramatic. A bold idea becomes bold because it causes you to do something that you wouldn’t naturally do.” — Leary

“We will constrain the ways we think about our goals based on the failures we have had in the past.” — Leary

“I catch myself saying ‘I just need to be a little more realistic.’ My realistic goals don’t require me to stretch myself.” — Armin

Action Steps:

  • There are three constraints that we place on our goals: 1) The failures we have had in the past, 2) The amount of fatigue we are currently carrying, and 3) The fear of the goal itself. How will you take those three things into account the next time you create your goals in order to avoid making short-sighted, manageable goals?
  • The writer Julia Cameron said: “Don’t call procrastination laziness. Call it fear.” What fear is keeping you from chasing your bold idea? Name it, and decide to face it in 2019.
  • Robert Brandt said: “We are kept from our goal not by obstacles but by a clear path to a lesser goal.” Let’s stop letting lesser goals keeps us from real ones.
  • Good news! There’s a way out of setting limited goals: 1) Become aware of what’s on those islands of failure, fatigue, and fear. 2) Define what those mean for you. 3) Identify themes that occur, those thought patterns you keep coming back to again and again. 4) Map truth to those thoughts. The apostle Paul said to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5).

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