Can having vision at a young age help you be unbeatable on the quest to reach your bold idea? Zoro the Drummer is proof that it can. A world-renowned drummer, preacher, and speaker, Zoro has traveled the globe with household names, spreading the Gospel everywhere he goes. He has seen firsthand how God’s grace can take a kid born into poverty and use him to spread the Good News.

Who is Zoro the Drummer? Zoro the Drummer has consistently been voted the number one rhythm and blues drummer in the world. He has played on platinum records and toured with household names like Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Brown, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Paul Schaffer, and many more. He is also an ordained minister and a spokesperson for Compassion International and Big Brothers Big Sisters, and promotes responsible fathering as part of the White House’s Champions of Change program. He has a new book out called Soar!: 9 Proven Keys to Unlocking Your Limitless Potential.

After being rejected by his father as a baby, Zoro the Drummer took that rejection and turned it into something positive, a driving force to create and be something more. God has taken Zoro from a poverty-stricken childhood in Compton to global fame, all because Zoro recognized his unique calling and put in the work to make his bold idea happen.


“Divide your life into 10-minute increments and waste as few of them as possible.” – Zoro

“God created every single person on this planet to excel in a certain area.” – Zoro

“We have purpose and destiny written over our lives by God. It is up to us to participate with Him by taking bold steps of action toward the vision, toward the idea.” – Zoro

“If people are willing to put in the work, that is what it takes to see their bold idea come to life.” – Zoro

“Discover, develop, and deploy. That is what we are here to do.” – Zoro

Action steps:

  • Is the way that you speak to yourself holding you back from pursuing your BoldIdea? Try speaking words of love and of possibility instead. Changing your own narrative may be the first step to using your creative talents for Christ.
  • A vision that you cultivate as a young child is just as valid as one you cultivate as an adult. If you’re stuck, uninspired, don’t know where your next step is, think back to what God placed on your heart as a child.
  • Life is not without challenges, but it is without limits. Does your belief system allow you to believe this?

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