Sometimes, we have to say goodbye to a bold idea that we are pursuing. It could be that we’ve outgrown the idea or that the idea has outgrown us, but there comes a point where we have to take a step back and say “It’s not you, it’s me.” 

Not every idea is meant to last forever. But how do you know when to say goodbye? That’s what Leary and Armin cover in this episode. They discuss four ways to know when to say goodbye to your bold idea and share their own experiences with learning to let go of something they once loved. 


“Whatever you’re launching, whatever you’re creating, whatever you’re developing… it’s not your identity, it’s a project.”  — Armin

“Our obedience is to God, not an idea.” — Leary

“We need to think of our idea as a training ground. It’s equipping us to develop a skill set. The idea that you are pursuing may be preparation for something better.” — Leary

“When you identify the person to do it better than you and empower them to do it better than you, that’s a sign of success, not failure.”  — Armin

Action Steps:

  • If you’ve lost your “why” it might be time to move on from your current bold idea. Ask yourself: are you just fatigued or is this no longer exciting at all? 
  • If your bold idea feels stale, ask yourself: What’s the nectar that I came to this flower for? If that’s not available anymore, it’s likely time to move on. 
  • Even if a bold idea doesn’t occupy a lot of your physical time, it might be taking up a lot of your mental space. Clearing it out can open you up to spending better time elsewhere.

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