099 How to handle your harshest critic—you

If you want to put your bold idea to work, you have to face your inner critic. But that can be tough. Our inner critic is often our harshest one--and the least easy to dismiss, too. In this episode, Leary and Armin discuss what their inner critic looks like and some tips for keeping it from taking over.

066 Whitney Johnson on leading with disruption

Whitney Johnson knows that personal disruption is the best way to level-up in your own career trajectory. She jumped from earning a degree in music to becoming a sought-after equity analyst on Wall Street and knows that the experience helped her to jumpstart a new learning curve of her own. She chats about her experience with Leary and Armin and shares some tips for how to invite disruption in your own life in order to grow.

The right question for your bold idea

Bold ideas bring both excitement and burden. The bolder the idea, the heavier the burden—and the doubts that go with it. But there is one really right question for you ask about your bold idea.

018 Darren Wilson on embracing the journey

Darren Wilson is an author and filmmaker who was recently named an Emerging Leader of Tomorrow by Charisma Magazine. In this episode, he shares his story of embracing the journey after asking God to give him an idea.

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