How do you filter out whether your ideas are worth pursuing because they are God-ordained or just pipe dreams that come from your own whimsy? In this podcast, movie producer Stephen Kendrick shares the philosophy he and his brother, Alex, follow to ensure that their “good” ideas are the “God” ideas that will make an impact on the world for Christ.

Stephen and his brother Alex Kendrick are the producers of five films: Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Courageous, and their latest movie, War Room, which became the #1 movie at the box office.

The Kendrick brothers went into filmmaking as a ministry, not as a career. Every bit of their success has been won through prayer and faithfulness to God in the small things. Each film has taught them more about filmmaking as a craft and about God as the Source of the idea and the ministry. Stephen describes the creative process that he and his brother follow that brings some bold ideas into films that minister to millions.


“I’m a believer in starting small and being faithful. Don’t despise small beginnings.” —Stephen

“If we’re committed to excellence at the level where we are with the resources that we are, then we always need to be trying to improve at every level.” —Stephen

“God may plant in your heart an idea, and it will come to fruition in His timing. And so, you just keep it in the prayer incubator, and you keep praying about it until God says, ‘Move forward. This is it.’”—Stephen

“It is fun to follow the Lord and trust Him for great things!” —Stephen

Prayer requests mentioned in episode 002:

  • The Kendricks are developing training for future Christian filmmakers. They want to build momentum in discipleship to honor God instead of trying to impress people.
  • They are praying over three ideas, one of which will be the next film pursuit.

Action steps:

  • Ask whether God is in your idea.
  • Take the time to allow God to move ideas forward or stop them.
  • Don’t waste your time taking immediate action rather than waiting for God and incubating your ideas in prayer.

Resources mentioned:

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