What happens when you ask God for an idea? Darren Wilson found out one night after asking God for an idea to help him break through writer’s block. God answered, telling Darren to create a film about everyday miracles God had performed around the world. Darren’s faith went from unengaged to fully alive as he made the film and embarked on a new friendship with God.

Who is Darren Wilson? Darren Wilson is an author and filmmaker who left his career as a college professor to pursue the idea God had given him. He founded WP Films in 2006 and has since created nine films and two TV series and written four books. He was recently named an Emerging Leader of Tomorrow by Charisma Magazine.

Darren sold his first film, Finger of God, on Amazon, where it quickly became an underground hit. Thus began his journey of pursuing a deep, trusting friendship with the Lord. Though Darren has founded a media company and produced numerous films, he knows that the journey is more important than any specific accomplishment or measurement of success.


“Everyone has dreams about success. You want to be successful, but what does that actually mean to you? What happens when you get that success?” — Darren

“Embrace the journey. The journey’s the whole point. You’ll never actually get to the finish line, you’ll never get to where you think you want to go because as soon as you get there, there’s a new barometer for success.” — Darren

“I want to be the most trustworthy person for God. Friendship with God, that’s the pursuit.” — Darren

“Let the creator of the universe create your dream” — Armin

Action plan:

  • Be faithful in the small things. Look for ways to partner with God in small ways, even if they seem insignificant. Little things lead to bigger things!
  • Pay attention to how God may be answering your prayers in odd or impossible ways.
  • Instead of doubting (rejecting) God, start questioning (being curious about) God.
  • Stop focusing on success or on attaining a goal. Embrace the journey. What is God teaching you? How are you growing?

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