Every one of us has bold ideas. Many times they intimidate us. We don’t know what to do with them. It’s time to turn your bold ideas into action. Here’s how.

After 132 episodes of the Reinventure Me Podcast, Leary and Armin are starting a new chapter. The BoldIdea® Podcast picks up where Reinventure Me left off—transforming ideas into action. Through this podcast, Leary and Armin want you to be inspired to move forward on the bold ideas that God has placed inside you. In this episode they share the life experiences that propelled them into the realm of developing bold ideas and jumping the hurdles to see them come to pass.


“Embrace who God made you to be and not be apologetic about it.” —Leary

“We want to inspire you in ways we’ve been inspired ourselves.” —Leary

“A podcast where we get to talk about […] God-inspired bold ideas will change the world. Those are the ideas that will change people and transform lives. Those are the ideas that will make people a better version of themselves.” —Armin

“The people that we are bringing in are the chosen few […] who took the call and made the sacrifices and brought something to fruition. We are bringing them here because we want you to listen to what it sounds and what it looks like to see a bold idea come to a bold life.” —Armin

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