Leary and Armin have had a lot of great guests on the show, people whose lives they admire and seek to emulate. In this episode, they’re sharing the guests they use as reference models to level up in their own lives, and they hope you can be re-inspired from these stories as well.

From Stephen Kendrick’s admonition to incubate every idea in prayer to Michele Watson’s reminder that dad’s can and should do things even when they are afraid of doing them wrong, Leary and Armin share the quotes and takeaways from the episodes that most impact their everyday lives, as well as an exercise to help you evaluate how well you are exhibiting the character traits of your choice, and what you can do to get better at it.


“The reason we started the BoldIdea Podcast was so that we would have these reference models, so that we would see what people are doing in their lives and be inspired by the work that they are doing and the faith that they are putting to work.” — Leary

“Every successful person was once learning to walk in the same way that we are now.” — Leary

“My immediate response to something is to do it. Stephen Kendrick reminded me to go pray first.” — Armin

“As you are going through life, rather than thinking about what success looks like, think about what purpose looks like.” — Armin

“Look for people in your life and grab ahold of how they are teaching you to be a better person.” — Leary

Action Steps:

  • Reference models help us organize our thinking, show us what’s possible, and identify our areas of focus. They can help us become better people by knowing that what they have done, we can do, too.
  • Cast a vision for who you want to be as a person, both today and at the end of your life. Use this model to make decisions today, asking yourself: Is the decision I am about to make in keeping with the person I want to become?
  • Take your reference model a step further: score yourself from 1-10 on how well you are putting that trait you’d like to emulate into practice. Ask yourself: what would it take to move it up one point? It’s easier to take a step from 3 to 4 than a leap from 3 to 10.

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