Ryan Carlson is a passionate networker who knows how building relationships with others can help both them and you in your own businesses and careers. And he learned from the best: his dad. An insurance agent, Ryan’s dad looked to supporting the local people and businesses that patronized his insurance business, instilling in Ryan the importance of creating a nurturing a network.

Who is Ryan Carlson? Ryan Carlson is the Director of Treasury & Payment Solutions at BMO Harris Bank. As someone who has been in the finance space for over 15 years, Ryan helps business owners and executives better the bottom-lines of their businesses. He’s advised companies from startups to Fortune 50s on increasing working capital, simplifying processes, and more effectively leveraging ERP systems. A graduate of Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota, Ryan and his family live in the Twin Cities where continues the tradition of patronizing local businesses in his community.

Ryan Carlson loves to help people through connecting them to the right people. He encourages us all to be open-minded, to be more interested in others than in ourselves, and to share our story well when given the chance.


“It’s so important to come with an open mind and be interested in learning more about that person than having them learn about you.” — Ryan

“Give, give, give, ask.” — Ryan

“Always keep the ball. Don’t expect them to have to do the work of following up.” — Leary

“If you’re networking because you need to and it’s the only time you network, you’re doing it wrong.” — Armin

Action Steps:

  • The habits of a good networker: be a good listener, have an objective, and follow up.
  • When we stop to listen and can suggest ways we can help someone, that is more powerful than asking what they want us to do.
  • If you’ve been introduced to someone in someone else’s network do your homework ahead of time before you meet them. Do some research, have a clear objective, think through what way you could be helpful to them, too. This shows that you are serious and respects the other person’s time and attention.
  • The ABCs of Networking: Always Be Connecting. Don’t wait to network until you need something. Then it’s too late. 

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