How can Christians engage their culture and share the Gospel? Phil Cooke believes media is part of the answer. After years of working as a Hollywood filmmaker, Phil has discovered that Christians can use traditional media and marketing principles to get people talking about Christ.

Who is Phil Cooke? Phil Cooke is a pastor’s son who took an unlikely turn into the world of filmmaking in college. Since then, he’s produced media for both Christian and secular audiences, including Super Bowl commercials, PBS programming, and Let Hope Rise—The Hillsong Movie. He holds a PhD in theology and is the author of four books on business and branding.

When Phil realized that he could use media to get people talking, he understood that it could be a powerful tool in sharing the message of the Gospel. He’s made it his mission to teach churches and nonprofits how they can harness the power of film, social media, and branding to capture the attention of a culture that’s more prone to distraction than ever before.


“I can reach more people with the Gospel in a single movie or a single television program than my father the pastor reached during his entire lifetime of ministry.” — Phil

“No longer do people give you the time to hear your message. When people meet someone for the first time, they decide what they think within the first four to eight seconds. We live in an eight-second world.” — Phil

“Social media can be a very, very powerful tool for sharing your faith with people.” — Phil

“Passion derails people. Passion alone doesn’t do it. We have to figure out what we’re really wired to do.” — Phil

“You will be amazed at the number of people that will follow you when you start sharing significant things.” — Phil

“There’s a lot of Christians out there that just get angry. And no one changes their behavior because you yell at them.” — Phil


Action steps:

  • Think strategically. If you want to make an impact, look for ways to get your message out there.
  • First impressions matter. People may only give you their attention for a brief time, so make the most of it.
  • Find your “one thing.” Go deeper than passion. What were you always known for when you were younger? How can you use this niche or expertise as a lens for influence?
  • You might be uniquely placed by God to reach a certain group of people. Don’t hide your message out of fear—speak out and engage with others.

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