What legacy are you leaving with your life? This is the question Aaron Walker asked himself on August 1, 2001, when his life changed forever after he hit and killed a pedestrian. He realized that, though he had achieved financial success, he wasn’t living a life that gave back to others. Thus began his quest for a life of success and significance.

Who is Aaron Walker? Aaron is an experienced entrepreneur and author. He started his first business at the age of 18 and sold it to a Fortune 500 company at age 27. Since then, Aaron has bought and sold 11 other companies. He is now involved in several mastermind groups and offers business coaching for men who want lives of success and significance.

After realizing that he wasn’t on the path to leaving the legacy he wanted, Aaron began finding ways to offer value to others so he could be significant as well as successful. Now Aaron adds significance to his life by building deep relationships, giving back to others, and making regular quiet time with the Lord a priority in his life.


“I had great success, but I had no significance. Nobody’s life was better as a result of having known me.” — Aaron

“Success is about yourself and significance is about meeting the needs of others.” — Aaron

“If you want it, you gotta have purpose. Passion won’t get you there. But if your purpose is greater than your passion, you’ll get there.” — Aaron

“God says he speaks to you in a still, small voice. If you’re busy on the Internet all day, you might miss it.” — Aaron

“Fear missing an opportunity more than you fear failure.” — Aaron

Action plan:

  • Build meaningful relationships. They are your greatest tool for both achieving success and growing in significance in others’ lives.
  • Take down your shield. Stop pretending to have it all together. Instead, be transparent and open with others. No one cares about your “failures” or mistakes as much as you do.
  • How can you invest in others in a way that makes them know they are better off for having encountered you?
  • Cultivate a consistent relationship with peers who can speak wisdom into your life.
  • Seek regular, daily input from the Lord. Spend time with Him so you can hear his small, still voice.

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