Have you considered how deeply one’s influence as a father reaches? If you are a dad of girls, do you know what practical things you can do to minister to your daughter’s heart? Many men wish they knew how to parent their little girls as they become young women. Dr. Michelle Watson followed a bold idea that makes this wish come true for dads.

Who is Dr. Michelle Watson? Michelle is a licensed clinical counselor who maintains a full practice along with her ministry work. She founded The Abba Project as a way for dads to connect with their daughters during a crucial, yet confusing (for dads) time in their daughters’ lives. Out of this ministry, she has written a book, kept up a blog with practical tools for dads, and begun a radio program. She lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

Dads enjoy having little girls but become rather overwhelmed when childhood turns into adolescence and womanhood. Fathers want to show their love and care for their daughters, yet the hormones and transformation time bring a lot of confusion. Michelle offers practical advice for dads to become their daughters’ hero and to bless them with the loving closeness God intended for the father-daughter relationship. As a result of Michelle’s bold-idea ministry, men feel championed and equipped to help their daughters during a phase when the fatherly influence may be even more important than the motherly one.


“Men would rather do nothing than do it wrong.” —Dr. Michelle Watson

“Competence is a really high value for most men.” —Leary

“When I first started this thing, my stomach was in knots. I had anxiety that I didn’t let show. And I think that’s a normal part of stepping out in bold faith. I think we’re fooling ourselves if we think we’re not going to have anxiety while we’re trusting God with something way bigger than us. I’ve really learned that God really loves those odds because then He gets the glory because I’m so aware that I really can’t do this without Him.” —Dr. Michelle Watson

“There is no pain so great that God can’t use it for you, for Him, for the Kingdom, and for the people all around you.” —Armin

“God has a word for each of us that we are to hear as well and to step out in. It often comes out of our wounding because that’s the very place where God says, ‘My love is enough.’” —Leary

Action step:

  • Ask God how He wants to use the pain you’ve been through to minister to others.

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