071 Gigi Marvin on the time to act

Gigi Marvin is an expert at taking action. A professional hockey player and three-time Olympic medalist, Gigi helped Team USA win gold earlier this year at the 2018 Olympics. But that rise to the top almost didn’t happen. Just months before the games, Gigi and her teammates chose to take a stand and demand action in regards to the state of women’s hockey across the country. She chats with Leary and Armin about the courage it took, and why acting was the only thing they could do.

060 Jay Bennett on making a Kingdom impact

Can we make a Kingdom impact while we are here on earth? Jay Bennett is living proof that we can. A former attorney, Jay spent the first half of his life climbing ladders and making big things happen. Then he had what he calls his “halftime moment” when he lost the ability to speak. The moment brought him to a place where he knew God’s peace like never before, prompting him to turn his eyes to making investments for the Kingdom of God rather than just financial ones.

Courage: Reborn.

Amanda Carroll reminds us that every obstacle, pain, failure and loss are opportunities for our God-given gift of courage, strength, and peace to be reborn.

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