Can we make a Kingdom impact while we are here on earth? Jay Bennett is living proof that we can. A former attorney, Jay spent the first half of his life climbing ladders and making big things happen. Then he had what he calls his “halftime moment” when he lost the ability to speak. The moment brought him to a place where he knew God’s peace like never before, prompting him to turn his eyes to making investments for the Kingdom of God rather than just financial ones.

Who is Jay Bennett? Jay Bennett spent 35 years as a corporate lawyer and investor in the Minneapolis area. Today, Jay serves as the chairman at two renowned Christian ministries, Bob Bufort’s Halftime Institue in Dallas, where he helps people like himself move from success to significance when they are ready, and the National Christian Foundation in Atlanta, the world’s largest faith-based charity. The foundation serves over 17,000 donor partners and processes more than three billion dollars of Christian giving each year. Jay and his wife live in Minneapolis and have three grown sons and daughters-in-law and eight grandchildren.

Jay Bennett’s mission is to help people live a more intimate relationship with Christ while here on earth so that they can be the people God created them to be. Through his tenure with the Halftime Institute and his time at the National Christian Foundation, he is helping people from all walks of life make a lasting Kingdom impact.


“Life includes more than one’s vocation. I needed balance.” — Jay

“Through submission of my own independence and self-sufficiency, I found a resting place underneath my talents and abilities and thoughts where I yielded and gave into the gift that Jesus gave to me in that He was chastised for my peace.” — Jay

“The quest for the American Dream consumes a whole lot about us.” — Jay

“Discontent is an invitation into the opportunity to go through a process of finding significance.” — Jay

“My biggest motivation is to help people with a more intimate walk with the Lord so that when they meet Him at the pearly gates, they are closer to what He created them to be.” — Jay

Action steps:

  • Establish the discipline of creating resources that one can give. Have a long range financial plan for yourself both to save and to give.
  • Instead of trying to support 10 or 20 causes, we can be drawn to a few causes that the Lord is calling us to serve financially and with our time.
  • If we want to make a kingdom impact, we have to ask ourselves: what is enough? If we don’t answer that for ourselves, the default will always be “not this, not yet.”
  • We need to be Spirit-sensitive and Spirit-centered. If the Spirit is not leading all of our investments, we’re not investing in the right places.

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