Can you go from being a money moron to a millionaire in early retirement? That’s what Scott Alan Turner did. Scott Alan Turner went from having an $800 a month car payment and a too-big-for-his-wallet mortgage to living a debt-free life and retiring early. Now, he helps others live like financial rock stars.

Who is Scott Alan Turner? Scott Alan Turner is the radio and podcast host behind The Scott Alan Turner Show where he helps people get out of debt, save more money, and retire rich. Scott grew up like most people: without any education on personal finance. After graduating college and sinking himself in a deep hold of debt, Scott had the realization that more money was never going to make him more happy. He then went from being a self-described “money moron” to a self-made millionaire and early retiree. The author of 99 Minute Millionaire and Money A to Z, a book that he hopes will help teach children about responsible personal finance from the littlest of ages.

Scott Alan Turner has a mission: to help people break the cycle of being money morons and start living like financial rock stars. In order to do that, he encourages each of us to take a look at our motivation and ask ourselves why we want that million dollars. The answer is the key to helping us spend our resources wisely, starting now.


“If there was something dumb to do with money, I probably did it.” — Scott

“Be aware. We just spend and we don’t even know what we’re spending it on.” — Scott

“Making more money is not going to make me more happy.” — Scott

“The worse thing I can do is fail. And then I’ll find something else to do.” — Scott

“Why do we buy what we buy? Why are we saving? Why do you want a million dollars? Let’s find the answers to these questions.” — Scott

Action steps:

  • Ask yourself: Do I have a fallback plan? If you do, then there’s no reason to be hesitant to move forward with a bold idea.
  • Don’t be so attached to your comfortable life that you aren’t willing to take the bold steps you need to in order to follow a bold idea.
  • Is the way you are using your resources attached to the “why” or “what” you are trying to accomplish? Be aware. Having an awareness with your financial situation will help you stay out of debt and better set yourself up to live a life that allows you to pursue your passion.

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