Can adventure be a distraction from healing? Kevin DeVries knows it can. After going through two divorces, two businesses, and stepping down from ministry entirely, Kevin raced to the ends of the earth to let adventure distract him from God’s calling on his life.

Who is Kevin DeVries? Kevin DeVries is the founder and president of Grace Explorations, a faith-based company that helps men and women find healing in Christ. An explorer and adventurer, Kevin has climbed five of the seven continental summits, skied to the North Pole, and went searching for Noah’s Ark. He and his crew filmed the award-winning documentary Finding Noah on Mount Ararat in Turkey. Today, Kevin is an inspirational speaker and entrepreneur and is involved with several ministries across the country, including Band of Brothers.

In February of 1998, Kevin watched his marriage unravel in the back of the church as he preached from the pulpit. In an effort to shed that trauma, he learned just how far someone will go to try and outrun God’s grace. Today, he uses his life experience to help others find a home and healing in Christ.


“If you can’t internalize your life, you’ll externalize it.” — Kevin

“In the middle of pain and tragedy, God is there.” — Kevin

“I don’t have the bandwidth to write that story, but God does.” — Kevin

“Sometimes you have to descend in your story before you can continue to ascend.” — Kevin

“God gives His unquestionable self as the answer to all our unanswerable questions.” — Kevin

Action steps:

  • Wherever we go, God is there. He never abandons us. He never betrays us. 
  • Sometimes we find ourselves living so externally that we can’t find the time to focus on internal struggles. If this is you, take some time today to sift through why. What are you running from? What step can you take to find healing?
  • Nothing heals in thin air. Pushing ourselves higher and faster will never help us heal from our past. Take some time to come down off the mountain to a place where you can find rest.

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