Not every idea is meant to last forever, but how do you say goodbye to a bold idea — and do it well? In episode 103, Leary and Armin chatted about when it might be time to say goodbye to an idea… and then realized that it was time to say goodbye to their own. 

In this last episode (for now) of the BoldIdea podcast, Leary and Armin discuss why they’ve had to make the tough call to shift their focus to other projects and what it’s meant to both of them to pursue this bold idea for as long as they have. 


“The point of the matter isn’t about the number of people, it’s really about whether it has reached the person that God wanted that specific message to go to.” — Leary

“When God leads us into something, He doesn’t reveal what the full road is. That’s not the point. The point is daily obedience.” — Leary

“What happens if you keep going when you are supposed to stop: the energy precipitates even faster, resentment starts to set it, and then it deteriorates into something that is not a good landing. It becomes unhealthy.” — Leary

“Never, ever, ever forget to tell your story, because your story is important. We need to encourage one another with the very work of God in our own lives.” — Leary

Action Steps:

  • Charles Blair said, “The need does not constitute the call.” We are not always the person that is meant to meet the need that we see. Take some time to think on the needs that you feel uniquely called to address and the ones that exist but are not for you to step into meet. Which are you acting on today?
  • Is there something in your life today that God is calling you to say goodbye to? If so, take some time to figure out how to say goodbye in a way that best serves you and the idea.

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