Does God have a plan for our work, even when that work isn’t done at a church or religious organization? That’s the question Leah Archibald and her team at the Theology of Work ask everyday — and it’s a question she explores on the podcast with Leary and Armin.

Who is Leah Archibald? Leah Archibald is a member of the Theology of Work Project team, a non-profit organization working to equip every Christian in the world to live out their purpose and do work as God intends. The Theology of Work Project is recognized as the deepest, largest, and most-trusted Biblical resource related to work on the internet. It reaches two-million Christans a year, and that’s only a fraction of the people that are likely searching for the answers the site holds. She is the co-host of their new podcast called Making it Work.

Leah’s mission is to help regular Christians — not pastors — who work in the secular business world sort through the issues that pertain to their daily jobs. Her and her team help Christians find answers to the question of “how does my faith apply to my work?” 


“As long as humans have worked, there’s been some problems. Thankfully, we have this huge mass of scripture that really has things to say about how we address our workplace problems, and really practically, too.”  — Leah

“How do I live out my relationship with God — who called me and gave me a job to do in the world — how do I live that out in my workplace?”  — Leah

“The first thing we need to do is turn down the anxiety we all have around our calling. That stifles a lot of us.”  — Leah

“God’s first calling to you is to belong to Jesus, and you can answer that call in whatever circumstance you are in.”  — Leah

Action Steps:

  • There are three C’s that Leah points to for people to evaluate their decision-making in their workplace: command, consequences, and character. Next time you’re facing a tough choice at work, think of these three things and see if it doesn’t help you make the decision God would have for you in your work. 
  • How can you turn down the anxiety that you have around your calling? 
  • Look at your own skills and gifts: is there something there than you can be using for the Lord? Maybe that’s your calling. 

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