Can we handle the risk that change requires? Nick Tasler thinks we can. An expert in the field of managing change, Nick helps Fortune 500 companies handle the change that comes their way as intentionally as possible. In order to make a big change, you have to take big risks — and there is a science to it.

Who is Nick Tasler? Nick Tasler is an organizational psychologist and the #1 best-selling author of four books on the art and science of making decisions and leading change, including his newest, Ricochet: What To Do When Change Happens To You. Nick is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review, and his research has been covered by The New York Times, Bloomberg, The Atlantic, Forbes, and more. Nick has worked with organizations like General Electric, Microsoft, ExxonMobil, Yale University, University of Notre Dame and others. Nick and his wife live all over the world with their four kids.

As a student of the science of human nature, Nick Tasler wants to help people and companies manage the changes coming their way in intentional and decisive ways. From deliberately choosing partners in our personal and professional lives that balance us to creating clearly-defined boundaries for our teams to be creative within, Nick’s advice for individuals and corporations can help them manage their risk tolerance to be more effective.


“Some people are biologically predisposed to be more or less risk-tolerant.” — Nick

“Some people are more prone to go for broke. The problem is that sometimes when you go for broke, you go broke.” — Nick

“A lot what we are now finding out about creativity and innovation, is that when you have really creative people, they are going to put out really great stuff if you give them boundaries.” — Nick

“Risk-prone, creative people need tight boundaries so that they can channel their risk-tolerance into something productive.” — Nick

“You need somebody who isn’t exactly like you.” — Nick

Action steps:

  • Align yourself with somebody who helps you see things from a different perspective, whether it’s a spouse or business partner.
  • If you are risk-averse, you need someone who will help make sure you don’t leave the best parts of life on the table.
  • If you are risk-prone, you need someone who will help ground you, to reign you in when you head toward the edge of the cliff.
  • Stop resenting the boundaries in your life: your limitation might be the thing that lets you take a risk or be more effective.
  • Creativity is not tied to openness, it’s tied to boundaries. Boundaries allow us to be creative without hitting the limit of our risk.

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