Amanda Carroll grew up in the church and loved radio. She found herself married, a mother of three, doing a morning show in Washington, D.C., and living what looked like the life of a perfect suburban Christian woman. That all changed when her husband came home from a business trip to say that he was leaving her and their three kids—the youngest of which was only 8 weeks old. Amanda had to start her life over, and knowing how hard that was, she strives to help other single moms do the same.

Who is Amanda Carroll? Amanda Carroll is a broadcaster who has been in the business for nearly 20 years. A former evening news anchor, Amanda has hosted a midday show at KLOVE and now hosts her own contemporary Christian radio show, The Amanda Carroll Show, syndicated to reach over 80 cities across the United States and Canada. Amanda is the voice behind, where she seeks to encourage single moms in their journey back to themselves. Amanda serves on the board of Single Mom Ministries, and she is also a podcaster, bodybuilder, and book-writer. She is (you guessed it!) a single mom of three awesome kids.

Amanda Carroll has a passion for single moms everywhere: she wants them to know that their life is not a holding pattern. That they matter. That they are not just biding their time between relationships. That their family is picture-perfect just the way it is. And she wants them to know that Jesus loves them and has a plan for their future.


“We tend to hide the shameful things we are going through.” — Amanda

“The single mom life isn’t a holding pattern.” — Amanda

“Sometimes you just need somebody else to believe in you so that you can start believing in yourself again.” — Amanda

“It’s important to always speak life and possibility into the lives of those around us.” — Amanda

“Create your own positive place. Always move forward. Get your brave on.” — Amanda

Action steps:

  • How can we help others find the vision for their life? We probably need to start paying less attention to ourselves and more on how we can encourage others in their own bold ideas.
  • Take the risk of being vulnerable. It’s the only way to turn a situation of struggle into one where true connection and healing can take place.
  • Our path to our bold idea has to come through vulnerability. We have to share our own struggles in order for others to help us.
  • View your current stage in life—whether it’s being a single mom, losing a business, not getting accepted to that college—as an opportunity, not as a death sentence. What can you do right now to love your life and move forward?
  • What can you do to reach out and encourage a single mom in your community? A small step for you might be the exact help she needs to get through a tough day.

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