Steve Siler is an award-winning songwriter and producer, but even more than that: he brings people hope through his ministry, Music for the Soul. Writing songs about grief, misscarriage, porn addiction, and adultery, Steve and his fellow songwriters are bringing people of all walks of faith the unique yet universal message they need to hear: that they are loved by God.

Who is Steve Siler? Steve Siler is a songwriter, music producer, and nationally-requested speaker. He’s also the founder and director for Music for the Soul, an award-winning ministry that uses song and story to bring healing to people who are in pain, moving them closer to Jesus as they listen. Steve has produced more than 500 songs in the Christian, pop, and country markets, and writers at Music for the Soul have earned a combined 22 Dove Awards. Nominated for multiple Dove Awards himself, Steve won Inspirational Song of the Year with I Will Follow Christ. Circle of Friends and Not Too Far From Here are the best known of his nine #1 Contemporary Christian songs and forty-five top ten singles. Steve is also the creator and producer of the documentaries Somebody’s Daughter: A Journey to Freedom from Pornography and Mercy Great Enough: Finding Hope after Abortion & Chaos of the Heart, among others.

Steve’s mission is to bring hope and healing to people through the unique ministry of music. Songs are the only message that communicate to the whole brain (left and right hemispheres) at the same time, allowing people to hear messages of hope and love in the midst of traumatic situations, pointing them all the while toward Jesus.


“We’re reacting and we’re not hearing God’s still, small voice calling us to what we are supposed to be doing.” — Steve

“When people are going through something, they always think they are alone and they are the only one who has ever been this guilty or this sad.” — Steve

“If there are 500 people in the room, there are 500 songs being heard. God can meet each one of us with what we need.” — Steve

“When we are bold enough to be open about where we’ve been wounded and be vulnerable and honest with people, that’s when we bless those around us who are struggling.” — Steve

Action Steps:

  • When you get affirmation that what you are doing is the right thing, it helps you keep going. In what way can you provide affirmation to someone doing a hard and right thing today?
  • God will continue to show you where to go when you follow Him and do what He asks you to do. What can you do today to follow His call on your life?

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