Ann White is passionate about getting God’s Word into the hands of every woman in the world. Sometimes, this takes a more creative approach than just handing out Bibles, so her team at Courage for Life has released the first-ever female-voiced Bible to bring the Word of God to at-risk women in a voice that that doesn’t cause fear.

Who is Ann White? Ann White is a Bible teacher and founder of Courage for Life, a ministry that helps people study God’s word, specifically women in at-risk situations. An internationally known speaker, Ann is the author of two books, including She is Strong and Courageous, a 90-day transformational and devotional journey to know God more personally. On June 3rd, Ann and her team launched the Women’s Audio Bible Project, the first-ever female voiced audio Bible in the world, giving women suffering from PTSD and abuse at the hand of men a chance to listen to the Bible in a voice that does not cause them fear.

Ann and her team at Courage for Life want to help women achieve their God-given dreams. But first, those women need to hear the Word and accept it as their own. Making women — and all people — feel like they are worth pouring into demonstrates Christ’s love for them in a way that is tangible, real, and impacts their actual, daily lives.


“I prayed to receive Christ that day, but I didn’t grow. Because there was no one to disciple me. I didn’t know what to do.” — Ann

“Courage is a choice. Everyday when I wake up, I have to choose courage today because if I am going to encourage others to do the same, I certainly have to do it for myself.” — Ann

“Have the courage to put your ‘yes’ on the table and say ‘yes, Lord. I will do what you are calling me to do’.” — Ann

“If I can get someone into God’s Word for 15 minutes a day, it’s going to grow on them.” — Ann

Action Steps:

  • How much different would life be if we were vulnerable about what we are struggling with sooner? How much more impact will we have for God when we are real with the people around us?
  • Taking the Gospel to the people most at-risk in our world will bear fruit. We should never shy away from the opportunity.

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