Former police officer Adam Davis wants everyone to redeem the pain in their life through being transparent with themselves, God, and others. As someone who has been sexually abused, Adam knows that radical transparency can bring healing to even the deepest of wounds.

Who is Adam Davis? Adam Davis is a former police officer turned writer who helps people lay down their burden of pain for something more. Adam has served as a patrol officer, traffic homicide investigator, criminal investigator, and hostage negotiator, and through it all God has used his suffering to increase his empathy and love for others. Currently a writer and a speaker, Adam has been featured in Entrepreneur, The Blaze radio network, Huffington Post, Fox News, and others. He is the author of several books, including his latest, Behind the Badge: 365 Daily Devotions for Law Enforcement, and the forthcoming Bulletproof Marriage co-written with Lt. Dave Grossman.

Adam’s mission is to see lives healed and for people to find total healing from pain. He wants people to use transparency to help set them free from addiction and to recognize that they were created for a unique purpose and have a unique gift to share with the world.


“The more I share my story, the more other people feel free to share theirs.” — Adam

“Whatever pain you are carrying around, holding onto the pain is preventing you from living life to the fullest.” — Adam

“If you see people through the eyes of God as his creation, you’re not going to want to mistreat them.” — Adam

“It’s okay to tell people you are hurting. It’s okay to not be okay.” — Adam

“Honor is the platinum edition of respect.” — Adam

Action Steps:

  • Unredeemed pain blocks a bold idea, blocks intimacy, and blocks ministry.
  • You don’t need a mountaintop experience to redeem the pain in your own life. Standing still and listening to God is usually even more effective.
  • A lack of transparency seems to be a culprit for why really unnecessary things take place that tear people away from their ministries. Be transparent. Be vulnerable. Don’t let walls of privacy destroy your ministry in Christ.

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