Aaron Ginn is a Silicon Valley force. Named to Forbes’s 30 Under 30 list in 2017, Aaron has helped companies create products that people willingly become evangelists for, and it’s taught him a lot about his own personal faith while he’s at it.

Who is Aaron Ginn? Aaron Ginn is a Silicon Valley technologist who specializes in growth hacking. He’s worked for big-name corporations such as Everlane, StumbleUpon, Lockheed Martin, and more, and also worked on Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign. Aaron’s also a political wonk and co-founded and serves as the president of Lincoln Network, an organization dedicated to expanding liberty by using technology to bring about reform. He co-hosts the podcast While We’re One the Subject, was the youngest member of the executive committee of the Board of California, and has been named to Forbes 2017 30 Under 30 list in Law & Policy.

After a rigorous education in various world religions, Aaron came to know Christ through both logic and love. Today, he encourages Christians everywhere that courage doesn’t always look like it does in Hollywood, but that each of us can be courageous as we are called to be in Christ, whether we’re in ministry, the private sector, or elsewhere altogether.


“There’s always some mold that you should be breaking to see His glory break into whatever community that you are working in.” — Aaron

“The word ‘courage’ appeared almost 450 times in the Old and New Testament. It assumes that the world is against you.” — Aaron

“If you think the way we are going to change America is through a politician, then you have been seriously duped by a politician.” — Aaron

“Don’t view courage like Hollywood views courage.” — Aaron

Action Steps:

  • Courage isn’t found in you: it’s from a foundation based on God. When the Bible speaks about courage, it’s always tied to the Lord. Inviting God into your life naturally invites courage.
  • The Gospel is accessible via both rigorous academic study and simple experience of the transforming work of God. Be His hands and speak His truth.

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