Can we push through our fear to find what God has for us on the other side? Jackelyn Viera Iloff is here to say you can. Jackelyn felt God calling her to work in Washington, D.C., a long, long way from her native California. In faith, Jackelyn pushed through the fear of failing and discovered a calling on her life that could only be from God.

Who is Jackelyn Viera Iloff? Jackelyn Viera Iloff is a Senior Advisor of Ministry at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, home of Joel Osteen and his team. Jackelyn leads the outreach initiative called the Generation Hope Project which focuses on ministering to others via community service around the United States. A former accountant with a large national firm, Jackelyn had to step out in faith in order to follow God’s pull on her life to move across the country and begin working in politics in Washington, D.C., an experience that uniquely prepared her for the ministry she does today at Lakewood Church.

Alongside her position in ministry, Jackelyn is also a frequent speaker on networking, entrepreneurship, and women’s leadership. Her upcoming book, What if You Could?: Finding Faith in the Face of Fear hopes to encourage people to name their fears, confront them, and enable themselves to live out the bold ideas that God has for their lives.


“That was such a God moment: bringing back something from your past to bless you in your future.” — Jackelyn

“If I turn myself over to Him in situations that seem untenable, then He can make it so that everything works out without very much effort.” — Jackelyn

“God never wastes anything that He brings to you.” — Jackelyn

“If I rely on my faith, I can accomplish great things. If I dwell in fear, everything shuts down. Fear will keep you from everything you are supposed to do.” — Jackelyn

“Faith is not fairy dust. It’s hard work. It’s soul-searching, faith-building work.” — Jackelyn

Action steps:

  • Until you identify your fear, there isn’t a way to embrace faith. You need to name what you are fighting against before you can fight it effectively.
  • Fear is always with us, we will always carry it. But with God, we can face it and allow Him to help us be His best.
  • Fear is pervasive and will be always come hand in hand with a bold idea. What are you going to do to get past the fear and move forward with your bold idea?
  • When you can embrace reality as your friend, it can help dissolve your fear. Believing the truth will help you avoid false fears.
  • You can always come back. Take the risk. Do the scary thing. Be bold. Very few decisions are a one-way door.

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