Can we move from fear to freedom and find the love and approval we all want and need? John Collier’s story is proof that we can. A former police officer and convicted felon, John’s story is one of redemption and being made new.

Who is John Collier? John Collier is the founder of Fathers Love Ministry and author of the book, Inside Out: A Father’s Love. A former decorated Indiana State Police officer, John served on the detail of the governor of Indiana and received numerous commendations in his position before the resurfacing of past trauma led him to a life of crime. While looking ahead to a potential life sentence, John accepted Christ into his life, sending him on a trajectory to find reconciliation with a father whose approval he always craved.

After growing up in a home where violence and abuse reined, John ran away from home, driving 150 miles down the road one night at just 12 years old. His single encounter with a police officer that showed genuine concern for his well-being led John to becoming a police officer himself, setting into motion the events of his life that have brought him to where he is today as a pastor, author, and speaker.


“Fear was the core thing that held me back all my life. I had to walk into that fear, but God walked with me this time.” — John

“God used those eight years I was in prison to change my heart and to change the man I would become.” — John

“If I didn’t surrender my life to somebody else, nothing was ever going to change. I would end up dead or spending my life in prison.” — John

“There came a point where I had to let go of my approval addiction and realize that my approval only comes from one place — God.” — John

“You have to confront your fear to find freedom.” — Armin

Action steps:

  • When you confront their fears and try to find freedom, there is always risk involved. You need to be willing to face that risk and recognize the value of freedom is worth it.
  • We always say “want” when referring to wanting our father’s love or our teacher’s approval. But really, it’s a need. Children NEED to feel love. If you have a past where that need went unfulfilled, don’t hesitate to seek help and even professional therapy to help you work through that.
  • The power of mentorship can be helpful to someone trying to overcome a lack of love or interest in their life.
  • We often think of small interactions with people as insignificant, but there are far from it. Even the smallest interaction can lead a lasting impact on a person who is looking for love or approval. Make sure you are communicating to others that they are valuable.

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