What happens when you don’t receive your father’s blessing? Joe Pellegrino struggled with this question for years, often stumbling down the wrong path until he came to Christ. In this episode, Joe shares his story of grappling with his imperfect relationship with his father and how he’s working to change the way we view fatherhood today.

Who is Joe Pellegrino? After running a successful ministry delivering Christmas gifts to abused children for 11 years, Joe felt the Lord calling him to begin ministering to men. What began as a small conference grew into the organization Legacy Minded Men, where Joe provides men with the tools they need to become great leaders, husbands, and fathers.

Though Joe felt the pain of not receiving his earthly father’s blessing, he eventually came to know the joy and love of the heavenly Father’s blessing. As an entrepreneur, author, and speaker, Joe now spreads the truth of Biblical manhood and the Father’s love to men of all ages.


“The world crumbles because men have not taken that role up that God crafted them to do.” — Joe

“When you don’t receive the blessing from your father, you seek out the blessing elsewhere. And sometimes those are not good places to go.” — Joe

“When the father is not being the father that he is crafted to be, the kids fall off the grid.” — Joe

“Don’t tell me the power of a man’s words mean nothing. They mean everything.” — Joe

“Good company promotes good character. Therefore, identify who you’re surrounding yourself with. Who is speaking into your life? Who is breathing ‘truth’ into your life? If it’s not the right people, then you need to surround yourself with people who are going to lift you up, affirm you, engage you, and equip you properly.” — Joe

“In order to stand firm in your faith, you need to know what you believe in.” — Joe

Action steps:

  • Don’t allow society to tell you that work is your highest priority as a man. Faith and relationships come before work in true Biblical manhood.
  • Speak words of affirmation into one another, reminding each other that you can do this. Open yourself up to vulnerable relationships with other men.
  • Receive God’s blessing: “This is my son, in whom I am well pleased.”
  • Love has a powerful effect. Speak and show that love to your children or to others who need a father figure in their lives.

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