Have you been trapped in a cycle of living life at a frenetic pace? Michele Pillar has. As a Christian recording artist, she spent years living life at an unsustainable pace in an effort to find success in the eyes of the world. Years later, God called her to speak the truth and tell her story of healing and redemption from brokenness. Michele published a book sharing her life story and God’s work in her life, beginning with the day she considered suicide.

Who is Michele Pillar? Michele is a recording artist whose career achievements include more than two million record sales, numerous #1 hits in the 80s and 90s, and three Grammy nominations. Today Michele shares her story of God’s work in her life at speaking engagements across the country and in her new book, Untangled: The Truth Will Set You Free.

After reaching success in the Christian music community, Michele was reeling from constantly projecting the Christian “good girl” image while not allowing herself time to rest and find intimacy with God. An affair left her cut off from the Christian community and from her career, which is where Jesus found her and sat alongside her. Fifteen years later, God called Michele to return to ministry despite her past. Her Clothesline Conference now brings hope to women who are longing to share their secrets and allow the Lord to heal their brokenness.


“When everybody else is gone, when everybody else counts you as worthless, Jesus is right there next to you, closer than anyone can sit. And in that environment, He is ready to do the greatest work in your life.” — Michele

“I was so tired of trying to hold up this Christian image. I was exhausted.” — Michele

“I couldn’t find my identity anymore in being a celebrity or being a singer. I had to find my identity and my peace in God.” — Michele

“The reason we keep our secrets to ourselves is that we don’t want to lose our influence.” — Armin

Action plan:

  • Don’t try to take initiative through a frenetic pace, chasing accolades and success in the eyes of the world. Use your talents and skills from a place of fulfillment in Christ. It’s about who you are, not what you do.
  • Raw, authentic honesty in the Lord gives you more influence than seeking internet fame or social media followers.
  • If you’ve experienced a trial by fire and come out the other side in a grounded place with God, you’re positioned to mentor others struggling through hurt and doubt.
  • Be authentically transparent with others who are healing. Where in your life can you be more authentic to stand beside and help others in your life untangle their hurts and pains?

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Untangled – Chapter 1

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