Are you frustrated by the politically-charged culture we live in? Do you ever wonder what your role as a Christian is in such a culture, when many things you say are taken as politically incorrect? Joe Battaglia shares with us how we can lovingly speak up for truth in a culture that denies it.

Joe Battaglia is a broadcaster, author (The Politically Incorrect Jesus, That’s My Dad!), and President of Renaissance Communications, a company whose mission is to provide media platforms for gifted communicators of Biblical truth. Joe is also an executive producer and General Manager of Keep the Faith, the #1 faith-based radio program in the country with a weekly audience of over 2 million. For more than 15 years, Joe has been involved in the promotion of highly successful faith-based hit movies including Soul Surfer, Heaven Is For Real, God’s Not Dead, War Room, Risen, and Miracles from Heaven.

God’s calling doesn’t usually turn out the way we expect it to. Starting out as a journalist, Joe has moved through many different types of work, following God’s leading each step of the way. In the meantime, Joe has watched the political climate in America change into the one of tolerance we know today, one that sacrifices truth and “rightness” for the sake of “peace.” Joe rationally explains to Christians what our role is in the politically correct world that influences us every day.


“When we are in God’s plan, we are at His beck and call. If we just relax and do the right thing at the right time […], all doing God’s will simply is is taking one step at a time each day. All those will then aggregate to be where you are years and years later.” —Joe

“We only have enough light to see the next step.” —Leary

“Common ground understands that neither you nor I have to dilute what we believe in to come to an agreement to where we intersect. Instead of arguing about what we believe, let’s find the common ground in this situation on something we do believe, and that will then enable us to make progress, retain civility, and try to accomplish a win-win for both of us.” —Joe

“God doesn’t need a defense attorney. But He does want an ambassador.” —Joe

Action step:

  • To be aware of what God wants to do next with your life, you need to be counterculture. Because the world is confused about our religion, self-righteousness, and seeming lack of love, we need to get back to the place where Jesus is and speak truth to people boldly without fear.

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