080 Pete Enns on the sin of certainty

Pete Enns is interested in how certainty and trust play roles in the lives of believers. A Biblical scholar, Pete has spent years searching through and teaching the scriptures, confident that he would be more certain about his faith when he knew more about God. Instead, he’s found the opposite to be true, and invites us into this discussion on certainty and trust with Leary and Armin.

064 How do you know if you’re trusting God with a bold idea?

How do you know if you are trusting God with a bold idea? Leary and Armin take a break from guest interviews to discuss the topic, chatting about prayer, timing, pacing, and facing risk. They’ve got practical steps to test your bold idea, and ways to know whether or not it’s the right time to dive into pursuing one.

036 Phil Carson on trusting God in business failure

Dr. Phil Carson experienced severe stress-related health issues that led him to seek a more natural cure and livelihood. After losing the business he had built during the 2009 recession, Dr. Carson had to learn to trust God like he never had before --- and he discusses this new perspective on trusting God in business failure with Leary and Armin on the podcast this week.

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