How do you know if you are trusting God with a bold idea? Leary and Armin take a break from guest interviews to discuss the topic, chatting about prayer, timing, pacing, and facing risk. They’ve got practical steps to test your bold idea, and ways to know whether or not it’s the right time to dive into pursuing one. Leary and Armin discuss three trust-strengthening practices to help you with your bold idea: prayer, pacing, and probing.

Entrepreneurs often suffer from “shiny idea syndrome”—and Leary and Armin caution each of us to evaluate a bold idea not only for its potential for impact on the world, but also in how it will impact our life and the lives of those closest to us. They discuss how and why prayer should be a major focus of the entrepreneur, and what that might look like as you pursue your boldest ideas. 

Proper pacing is critical so we don’t get out ahead of God’s leading or fall behind in taking the risks He may be calling us to. We should always be developing probes—testing ideas to see what open doors might exist for it.


“In the back of my head, I somehow believe that if it is not going how I plan it, everything is failing, as if my plans are somehow better than the Creator of the universe.” – Armin

“If we’re going to follow a bold idea, we have to have trust in the Lord. If we don’t, it’s not a bold idea, it’s a brash idea.” — Leary

“In God’s kingdom, there are no solopreneurs.” — Leary

“How many miracles have I missed in my own life because I don’t think to turn to God in prayer?” — Leary

“We need to be yoked to the spirit of God so that we don’t out-pace His will.” – Armin

Action steps:

  • Prayer is the first practice we need to work on as entrepreneurs. If we aren’t including God in our plans, we’re not pursuing a bold idea in faith.
  • Is your pacing right? Are you moving too quickly or too slowly? Take some time to adjust.
  • Any step that you take will come with risk. Take the step anyway. Walk by faith.
  • Continue to ask questions: is it time for this? How would pursuing this affect those closest to me? Does it align with a burden that God has placed on your heart?

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