080 Pete Enns on the sin of certainty

Pete Enns is interested in how certainty and trust play roles in the lives of believers. A Biblical scholar, Pete has spent years searching through and teaching the scriptures, confident that he would be more certain about his faith when he knew more about God. Instead, he’s found the opposite to be true, and invites us into this discussion on certainty and trust with Leary and Armin.

Why God isn’t afraid of your doubts

Darren Wilson, filmmaker and author, challenges our unspoken assumption that if God is for us, then things should always go well for us. That notion flies in the face of Jesus telling his disciples, His best friends mind you, that “in this world you will have trouble." Here's why God is not afraid of our doubts.

The right question for your bold idea

Bold ideas bring both excitement and burden. The bolder the idea, the heavier the burden—and the doubts that go with it. But there is one really right question for you ask about your bold idea.

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