Dan Chrystal has uprooted his life and built himself a new community again and again and again, all while serving in the church and running a business (or more than one!). He knows that building relationships with other people is a lost art — and he’s written a new book to help us all navigate the process.

Who is Dan Chrystal? Dan Chrystal has more than 23 years of experience in both ministry and the business world. He’s skipped from the east coast to west coast and back again (and again!), finally landing in Sacramento, California where he and his wife are both attending law school. Dan is currently on staff at Bayside Church, serving alongside Senior Pastor Ray Johnston, helping to build relationships and run Bayside’s THRIVE Leadership Conferences. Dan is also a speaker, life and career coach, and author of the new book, The Lost Art of Relationship: A Journey to Find the Lost Commandment.

Dan Chrystal is passionate about helping others to love their neighbors as themselves, and that means digging deep into cultivating relationships for the good of everyone. He wants people everywhere to lean into the purpose for which God created them: to be in relationship with God and with one another.


“If a pastor says ‘I can’t work alongside that guy,’ that’s division.” — Dan

“We have lost this art of relationship where we can connect with other people at a very foundational level of saying we were all created for by God for a purpose: for relationship with Him and relationship with each other.” — Dan

“Someone is always going to reject something that you did, something that you said, or something that you wore.” — Dan

“I am going to become more enriched by every person that I spend time with that is different than me.” — Dan

Action Steps:

  • Dan shares four reasons why it is important to connect: 1) It benefits me; 2) It benefits you; 3) Our mutual connections should benefit others; and 4) Our relationship pleases God.
  • The words we say have an effect on others — and can for generations to come. Speak your words well.
  • When it comes to “Love your neighbor as yourself”, we are often starting off on the wrong foot. We don’t know how to love ourselves, and we project our self-hate onto others, too. We have to know that God loves us before we can truly love others.

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