Have you ever hesitated to choose because you have too little information? Too much information? Have you ever held out on making a decision in hopes that the perfect option will come along? This episode is for you.

Leary and Armin are taking a break from interviewing guests and chatting all about how to choose between the many options that confront us. They discuss just how much information we have to sort through in today’s world, share why we hesitate to make decisions, and give us several questions to ask ourselves when we’re struggling to choose between different bold ideas.


“We are so heavily dependent on other people’s filters that we don’t think about what we want or need ourselves.” — Leary

“The thing we most need becomes the thing that we least have: our own attention.” — Leary

“You’re not perfect, and you’re not going to find a perfect idea. Perfect does not exist.” — Armin

“The right fit requires self-awareness.” — Leary

“One of the things I’ve learned is the power of ‘no’ — no matter how pretty or shiny they look.” — Armin

Action Steps:

  • In Kevin Kelly’s book, he lists 12 filters that we use to make decisions. Filters are everything from gatekeepers (our parents, teachers, etc.) to intermediaries (publishers, editors, etc.) to curators (retailers, museums, etc.). There are, of course, 9 more filters Kelly talks about in his book, but the one we rely upon the least is ourselves. The next time you are facing a decision, take a few minutes (at least!) to check in with yourself first before heading to hear what those other filters say.
  • Herbert Simon, Nobel Prize winning scientist, says “What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” Where our attention goes, our money follows. If you find yourself paying attnention in the wrong places, your money will go there, too.
  • The inner-life disciplines (prayer, reading the word, solitude and reflection) are essential to making sure we are following the right Bold Idea. Are you making time for these things?
  • Are you observing and experimenting with your idea? Don’t just go back to the same filters over and over again. A comfort zone is fine, but you should expand your test field to include other filters.
  • Leary and Armin shared several questions to help you narrow your options when facing a choice. Come up with a few of your own that personalize the exercise for yourself.

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