Everywhere he goes, Joe Battaglia sees people interacting with the internet and not with each other. As a result, we’ve lost the community God created us to live in. Joe’s new book addresses this crisis, spurring Christians on to reach out to others to live in true community once again.

Who is Joe Battaglia? Joe Battaglia is the president of Renaissance Communications, a media company that provides platforms for communicators of Biblical truth. He’s also the author of The Politically Incorrect Jesus and That’s My Dad, and a syndicated broadcaster, hosting the show “Keep the Faith.”  For 16 years he’s worked to help bring Biblical movies to nation wide audiences, movies like Miracles From Heaven, War Room, I Can Only Imagine, and many more. Joe helped us kick off the BoldIdea Podcast by coming on way back in Episode 3, which you can listen to here.

Joe Battaglia wants people to reconnect in real life again. He’s encouraging us to step away from our devices and step into community, to find roots that will help hold us up when we need it. He says we can do this through three things: intersecting with others, being in communion with them, and sacrificing for them.


“The genius of our faith is that we are all different, yet one.” — Joe

“Jesus challenged us in every way possible to not think like the world thinks.” — Joe

“Scripture is never about being safe. It’s about being the model of who Jesus is in the world.” — Joe

“We can ask Christ to save us from our situation, or we can ask Him to save us.” — Joe

Action Steps:

  • True community has three elements: 1) intersecting with others, 2) being in communion with them, and 3) sacrificing for them. The Good Samaritan demonstrated all three of these. So did Jesus. We ought to as well.
  • Social media is not inherently bad, but we must always question the things we do to make sure we are directing them and not being directed by them.
  • Studies have shown that America is the most disconnected nation in the entire world. What will you do today to connect to another person?
  • Our culture is ever-speaking and never-listening. Choose to listen today.

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