Is there a place for Christians in popular art and culture? There most certainly is says Brian Bird, a successful Hollywood film and television producer. Brian doesn’t see a separation between the art of the people and the art of the church, just millions of men and women created in the image of God using their talent to share stories of redemption in search of the greatest redemption of all.

Who is Brian Bird? Brian Bird is a writer and film and television producer who has spent three decades in Hollywood working on some of the best stories. He’s written and directed over two dozen films, including The Case for Christ and Captive, and he served as the co-executive producer and writer on the five final seasons of the show Touched by an Angel. Over three million fans tune in each week to the show When Calls the Heart on The Hallmark Channel, a show that Brian co-created and executive produces. Most recently, Brian has co-authored a companion devotional to the show with Michelle Cox titled When God Calls the Heart: A Devotional.

Brian Bird wants each and every person to find their one thing and to do it with extraordinary focus. He wants the church to start encouraging young people to find and follow their talent, enabling each person to reflect God’s glory on the world. And he wants everyone to remember that they were created in the image of the Author of the universe.


“Don’t just get good enough to be in a garage band. Get good enough to be in the symphony.” – Brian

“If the church were to encourage our young people to become the best at their art — whatever it is — we would be at the center of a new renaissance.” – Brian

“There is no dividing line between secular and Christian art – it’s just art.” – Brian

“We are all wired for the Jesus story.” – Brian

“True stories are fantastic because they are testimonies.” – Brian

Action steps:

  • Strive for excellence. You were created to bring glory to God: do it well.
  • How often do we as adults miss the opportunity to inspire young people in their gifts? Make sure to take the next chance you get to confirm someone’s gift. Your words might be all they need to keep pressing forward.
  • If you have been the recipient of someone’s encouragement that helped you get where you are, make sure to stop and say thank you. Let that person know the difference they made in your life.

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