Can God use adversity to lead you to your calling? Os Hillman thinks so. After seeing his world fall apart in the space of three months, Os struggled to understand where God was while he was in a season of adversity. Over time, Os realized that God was disrupting his life as a way to bring him to his true calling in the marketplace.

Who is Os Hillman? Os Hillman is the president of Marketplace Leaders, an organization devoted to helping Christians recognize their everyday work as a ministry and a calling. Os is the author of 18 books as well as the daily devotional, TGIF: Today God Is First.

After learning about the idea of Joseph callings and enduring his own seven-year season of adversity, Os knew he was being led to help others through the same situation. Through Marketplace Leaders and his most recent book, The Joseph Calling, Os provides support for Christians who don’t understand their calling and who are struggling with adversity in their lives.


“You need to realize the call is bigger than the mistakes you’ve made.” — Os Hillman

“Satan always attacks us in the place of our inheritance.” — Os Hillman

“The Bible tells us in in Deuteronomy 8:18 that God gives us the ability to create wealth to establish his kingdom.” — Os Hillman

“So often God isolates the leader. He turns our messes into messages and messengers.” — Os Hillman

“What I see for Christian leaders is that we gain influence in culture when we can be problem-solvers in the culture.” — Os Hillman

“I had to look at the root of workaholism, which was fear. Fear of loss, fear of not having enough.” — Os

“Sometimes the last place you can find God and engage with God is in your comfort zone.” — Armin Assadi

Action steps:

  • It’s powerful to be able to support others through their adversity because you’ve already gone through your own struggles. How can you use your pain to help others without judgment?
  • Jesus was a problem solver. It’s our mission to help people identify and solve pain in their lives. Stop focusing on your own circumstances and find ways to solve other people’s pain.
  • Remember, the call on your life is bigger than your circumstances. Don’t become so overwhelmed with your challenges that you lose perspective.
  • Don’t allow your circumstances to harden you. Become wet clay, allowing God to mold you through your adversity.
  • God has a higher purpose in mind for you, regardless of your season of adversity. What He wants for you may be beyond your imagination, but you can still ask for Him to reveal His calling for you.

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