Patrick Morley founded the Man in the Mirror ministry nearly 30 years ago and since has helped over 35,000 churches minister to more than twelve million men around the globe. He joins Leary and Armin today to discuss the issues that plague modern men (spoiler: they’re the same as they’ve always been) and the three things he thinks every man needs in order to be growing in his walk with the Lord.

Who is Patrick Morley? Patrick Morley is the best-selling author of 21 books, including the wildly popular Man in the Mirror which has sold over four million copies in 30 years. A business leader and speaker, Patrick  is the co-founder of the National Coalition of Ministries to Men and also leads the Man in the Mirror ministry whose goal is to quip men and leaders of men around the globe. Patrick’s latest book, The Christian Man – A Conversation About the 10 Issues Men Say Matter Most, explores 10 areas of life that modern men self-identified as areas they struggle in, giving them practical tips for growing spiritually in a fast-paced world. Patrick graduated from the University of Central Florida and Reformed Theological Seminary. He has also earned a Ph.D in management and completed postgraduate studies at the Harvard Business School and Oxford University. He lives in Winter Park, Florida with his wife, Patsy.

Patrick’s mission with his work is to point men to Christ, always. In a world of opinions, we hear very little truth and that is Patrick’s goal: for men to return to the Bible to lead Christ-driven, God-honoring lives. He likes to ask two questions after reading the words of Jesus: “So what?” and “Now what?”


“We live in an era where opinions are given the same credence as facts, which is why I like to get back to the Bible.” — Patrick

“I don’t think the problems of men today are any different than they’ve ever been. You read about lust in the Bible. It sounds like lust today.” — Patrick

“There’s a deep hunger out there for true meaning, true purpose, a true sense of identity that only the Gospel can deliver.” — Patrick

“I have said for years that a Bible, a small group, and serving someone else will solve 90% of your problems.” — Patrick

Action Steps:

  • When you’re listening to a voice in your head, ask yourself if that is something that Jesus would say. It might not be. We are called as Believers to be renewed in our minds: it’s an important discipline to cultivate.
  • If you’re reading the Bible, you’re being exposed to the Truth. If you’re spending time with other people, you’re staying out of isolation. If you’re serving other people, you’re not making it about yourself. Are you making sure to do all three of these things in your life?
  • A Gallup poll indicated that the #1 and #2 statistical factors for spiritual growth were “intimate friendships” and “weekly ministry”. If you’re missing one or both of those in your life, ask yourself why.  
  • We like to ignore the problem areas that we have in our lives. These 10 areas Pat mentioned might become a life inventory for you to spend some time sorting through. How could you use them to grow in your walk with the Lord? 

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