Ty Bennett built a booming business doing $25 million a year in sales when he was in his twenties. But he felt God calling him to something else, even if it meant less dollar signs and more time on the road. He chats with Leary and Armin about his career transition and what relevant leadership looks like in today’s world.

Who is Ty Bennett? Ty Bennett is a speaker, author, and leadership expert. Ty and his brother built a $25 million dollar a year business in their 20s — and then Ty sold out to follow where his heart truly led. Today, Ty is the best-selling author of three books and is working on a fourth, hosts The Relevant Leadership Podcast, and is the founder of Leadership Inc. Institute which trains and empowers leaders in their own mission to challenge the status quo.

Ty’s mission is to equip leaders to lead from a place of value rather than of influence. In focusing on what kind of value we bring to the people and organizations around us, we can lean into the servant-leadership model that Christ has given us, allowing us to impact and influence the world at the highest level possible.


“Leaders who expect commitment at the point of implementation are missing the boat. You have to involve your people at the point of creation.” — Ty

“Fundamentally, leaders who are very relevant recognize and value relationships and prioritize those relationships.” — Ty

“Value precedes influence.” — Ty

“The most relevant leaders get in the trenches and identify the obstacles and inhibitors that are keeping people from achieving their goals.” — Ty

“Influence is not about you, it’s about other people.” — Ty

Action Steps:

  • Good leadership is an outflow of belief in Christ. We are co-creators with Christ, invited to work the field to help grow creation and move it forward.
  • Delegation doesn’t actually happen until you allow people to make their contribution without you running interference.
  • Relevant leadership isn’t so that we can gain something, but because this is how God wants us to live as servant-leaders.
  • When we lead with a servant’s heart, God can change the desire of our heart or give us what we truly desire — not what we think we do. The desires we should have as mature Christians will be different than those of last week, last month, or last decade.
  • Leadership is not about you: it’s about other people.
  • Are you focused on self-development as much as you are concerned with how people see you? Invest in yourself now — you’ll have less time to spend worrying about what people think of you.

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