Are you bi-vocational? Leary and Armin take a break from interviewing guests and chat about whether or not they are bi-vocational — and whether you might be, too.

Leary and Armin talk about indicators of what it means to be bi-vocational and offer some tips for how to move forward if you are. Do you struggle with having two callings on your life? Feel like you’re never content in one sphere or the other? Get bored easily when only operating in the business or ministry world? If so, this is the episode for you.


“Bi-vocational means ‘two callings’. A vocation isn’t an occupation; it’s a calling.” — Leary

“I am always unsettled. If I do full-time ministry, I feel like I’m missing something in the business world. If I do full-time business work, I feel unfulfilled because I’m not doing the thing that fulfills me in the ministry world.” — Armin

“God will make it clear if He wants you in the mission field that he wants you to be in.” — Leary

“Embrace the way God has wired you.” — Leary

Action Steps:

  • Think you might be bi-vocational? Ask yourself these questions: Do you possess a business or trade acumen? Do you find yourself getting bored when you focus on your career or when you focus solely on ministry? Do you find yourself drawn to people both in the church and in the workplace? If the answer to any or all of these is “yes,” spend some time digging in to see if God has called you into two places instead of one.
  • If you are following a bold idea and find yourself growing farther from God, step back and evaluate: Is it the thing that you are pursuing or a missing discipline that is causing me to grow more distant from God? If it’s the thing you are pursuing, it’s likely not a calling from God.
  • Be willing to discard questions that don’t make sense for your life.

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