Kelly Resendez knows what it’s like to be successful on the outside but unsatisfied on the inside. In 2002, Kelly was a mortgage lender who had it all: the high six-figure salary, the beach house, the mansion. But she felt joyless. When three family tragedies struck in close succession, she realized that she needed to change her definition of success and chase what God had for her instead.

Who is Kelly Resendez? Kelly Resendez is the Executive Vice President of Paramount Partners Group, a mortgage financing firm in Roseville, California. She is also the author of the book Big Voices: An Invitation to Women to Awaken, Increase Joy, Reduce Suffering and Think Differently, and the companion site where Kelly empowers women to make the changes they need to in order to be the highest version of themselves. Kelly has  also taken the Big Voices message on the road, speaking to audiences nationwide.

Kelly’s tagline is “Increase Joy, Reduce Suffering. Think Differently.” She invites people into her world to try something new to help them overcome predictable triggers and patterns so that they can rewrite their story. She encourages people to find joy right where they are, no need to change circumstances first. Her message is spreading hope to women — and men — to help them become who they are meant to be.


“What empowerment means to me is that you fully believe in your soul that you are a masterpiece. That doesn’t mean we don’t have the opportunity to grow and change, but it does mean that in your soul, today you are a masterpiece.” — Kelly

“I had this lack of joy in my life. Even though I had created a lot of external success, I didn’t feel that way internally.” — Kelly

“So many people think it’s about changing their circumstances. I’m all about teaching people to change how they feel without changing their circumstances.” — Kelly

“I surrendered and since then I have surrendered over and over and over again because I’ve needed to let go of different things that I didn’t even realize I was carrying.” — Kelly

“As women become more empowered, the entire world changes.” — Kelly

Action Steps:

  • Share. So many people are lonely and sharing is the antidote. Take yourself out of isolation and ask for the help you really need.
  • Eliminate blocks in your life so you can create and follow God’s vision for your life.
  • Three things hold us back: 1) Bad or Limiting beliefs; 2) Isolation or Loneliness; and 3) Disbelief that God doesn’t care.
  • We limit our thinking to protect ourselves from risk. What limiting factor is holding you back? Identify it and eliminate it. God created you as a masterpiece, and you need to engage from that place and not a limited one.
  • According to research on shame and vulnerability, women are expected to “Be nice, thin, modest, and use all available resources for their appearance.” Kelly’s message focuses on our unique identity and how we are made by God, perfectly. Focusing on anything else is distracting us from our purpose.

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