JB Adkins became obsessed with aviation at the age of seven when he saw the IMAX movie “The Magic of Flight”. Since then, he’s done everything possible to be as close to air travel as possible. He got his pilot’s license in high school, discovered entrepreneurship, and never looked back.

Who is JB Adkins? JB Adkins is a die-hard entrepreneur, starting with having an idea for a Christian airline in high school called Centurion Airlines. He began learning to fly at 11 and volunteered at his local airport in his teens. He’s experimented, failed, and learned from business adventures ranging from aerial tours to baby eCommerce, meaning he’s had successes and also lived in Los Angeles while homeless — twice. JB fell into directing music videos for popular artists while in L.A., where he met his wife, Yvonne, a M.C. Hammer dancer. Currently, JB is the CEO of Skyride, the Uber for flight in Los Angeles. JB’s story has been featured in the Washington Post, Inc., the LA Business Journal, and more.

JB wants to encourage people everywhere — and specifically entrepreneurs — that life is more than about achieving a financial status that makes your dream life possible. It’s about finding God’s purpose for your life and living according to that purpose, regardless of the financial incentive.


“You’ve got to pursue purpose over paper. It’s not about the money, it’s about purpose. What does God need you to do?” — JB

“I was prideful. I was used to being an entrepreneur and making my own money. I wasn’t going to go work for someone else.” — JB

“That’s how I know a season is up for me. God starts shifting things and I start feeling restless to get to the next level.” — JB

“The power of delegation and knowing my lane has been critical to helping me stay focused.” — JB

“Some people think I’m crazy for doing what I do, but they don’t know the God I serve.” — JB

Action Steps:

  • We all hesitate to talk about an experience of failure before we are all the way through it because sharing might makes us feel shame. Share anyway: other people want to walk through these trials with us, and then need to know that failure isn’t the end of the story.
  • Learning resilience allows us to keep failure on the outside.
  • Most every regret has to do with not trying — not with failing.
  • Being still and listening for God requires faith.

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