Can the myths of leadership keeping you from being an effective leader? Ron Edmondson thinks they can. As a pastor, speaker, author, and former small business owner, Ron has seen firsthand how effective leadership can take a business or a church to the next level—and how ineffective leadership can stymie it.

Who is Ron Edmondson? Ron Edmondson is a serial entrepreneur, a pastor, author, and speaker. Ron entered the ministry at the age of 38 after having spent the prior two decades owning and running small businesses. Using his talents in building something from scratch, Ron has started church plants and grown churches as an interim pastor before becoming the lead pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky. He founded Mustard Seed Ministry, a nonprofit devoted to helping Christians grow to spiritual maturity. His book The Mythical Leader: The Seven Myths of Leadership releases in August of 2017.

Ron wasn’t always a pastor or a church leadership consultant. Fifteen years ago, he and his wife sold their small business with the plans to find a new one. After eight months of wrestling with what their next step looked like, they came to the conclusion that the next step was an about-face: to go into ministry instead. Ron uses his unique experience from the business world to help churches and their leadership grow.


“God often uses repetition to get His point across.” — Ron

“The biggest fear I had was how I was going to provide my family and be in ministry.” — Ron

“What do you want to be the driving force of your life: Do you want it to be fear or faith?” — Ron

“We are in a people business. We’re guiding people to become followers of Jesus Christ. We may use some business principles to help do that better, but that is our guiding purpose.” — Ron

“A position does not make you a leader.” — Ron

Action steps:

  • If you are struggling with a decision or feeling like you are inefficient, seek an outside perspective.
  • Surround yourself with people in your life that will ask you the challenging, future-shifting questions that you are afraid to ask yourself.
  • Once you have conviction about a decision, don’t wait for opportunities to find you. Actively seek them out. Just because God is leading us to something, doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do.
  • Do you know if you are a leader or a manager? Take some time to think about it, and make sure your skill set matches your current situation. If not, maybe it’s time for a change.

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